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Procedures for Class During COVID-19 Restrictions

  • We are open with occupancy limited to 25% of capacity so that we can observe appropriate social distancing guidelines. 

  • For those families who feel it is in their best interest to continue virtual classes, we will continue to offer the zoom option in accordance with our regular schedule.

  • Mats and high touch surfaces are being disinfected between each class

For those families who would like to attend in person, we ask that you follow the guidelines below:


  • Until further notice, only participating students are allowed into the Dojo to preserve our building occupancy to students and staff.

  • Parents are welcome to log into the zoom feed from their vehicles and may use the Dojo WiFi to do so.  Please reach out to Mr. Luke for the login information.

  • Students are asked to bring minimal belongings into the Dojo at this time as sparring gear is not needed.  We ask that you bring keys/phone and water only into the Dojo.

  • You will need to provide your own water as the water machine will be off limits.  All beverages other than water and sports drinks should be left in the car.

  • Upon entering the Dojo, please wash your hands before stepping on the mat.  At the conclusion of class, please wash your hands.

  • Classes will run exactly 40 minutes to allow time for students to exit and enter the building without overlap and to allow time for disinfection.  Please refrain from loitering at the end of class.

Most importantly, if you do not feel well, have been around someone who is not well, or have any reason to believe that you may have been exposed.  Please attend class virtually.

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